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Learn how we unleash the power of Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) to deliver breakthrough MEMS-based solutions in cloud computing, autonomous vehicles, cell therapy, molecular diagnostics, genomics, 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), and more.


Top U.S. MEMS Semiconductor Foundry, Atomica, Raises $30 Million in Series C Financing

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How is MEMS different than CMOS?

Learn about the differences between a CMOS and MEMS fab and what the leading US MEMS fab, Atomica, has to offer.

Atomica’s advantages in the power-switching market

Read an internal interview about Atomica’s switch that has the potential to transform industries such as electric vehicles, IoT, medical imaging, defense, aerospace, and power adapters.

Atomica Grows Leadership Team after Series C $30M Financing

STMicro Aymeric Gisselbrecht joins as Senior Vice President of Sales and Career Semi Exec Darwin Enicks leads Process Engineering

Top U.S. MEMS Semiconductor Foundry, Atomica, Raises $30 Million in Series C Financing

Atomica attracts capital from Cerium Technology Ventures, Novo Tellus Capital Partners, and St. Cloud Capital

What is wafer bonding and how does it apply to MEMS?

Learn how critical wafer bonding is in MEMS, sensors, microfluidic biochips, photonics devices, wafer level packaging and 3D heterogeneous integration.

Deep RIE: What is Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE)?

Learn how Deep Reactive Ion Etching (Deep RIE or DRIE) elevates the etching of silicon wafers with high precision, enabling manufacturing of MEMS devices.

SiOBs: What are Silicon Optical Benches and their benefits?

Discover the benefits of Silicon Optical Benches (SiOBs) and how they improve costs, precision, and size by moving optical integration to the wafer level.

Atomica announces new brand, $50 million tool acquisition

Read how this massive capability upgrade advances Atomica to the forefront of the MEMS industry enabling production of sensors, photonics, and biochips. 

Atomica modernizes MEMS foundry services with Omega Rapier

Learn how the plasma etch system puts Atomica at the cutting edge of MEMS /sensors manufacturing and extends its development and production capabilities.

SiOBs: Optical integration for powerful optical tranceivers

Read how SiOBs empower optical integration and help deliver faster data rates per optical fiber in tranceivers that hit bandwidths of 800 GB per second.

MEMS automotive sensors drive the future of mobility

Read how MEMS sensors are critical as the human driver increasingly relinquishes control to electronic systems, in tomorrow’s world of autonomous vehicles.

Microfluidics: the Future of Medical Technology is Tiny

Discover what drug delivery, the fight against COVID-19, and personalized “organs” all have in common: they benefit from the tiny world of microfludics.

MEMS: What are MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems)?

Read how MEMS, micro versions of normal full-size mechanical and electrical components, allow smartphones, wearables, and automobiles to do amazing things.

Atomica Leadership: Company Announces New CEO and Senior VP

Atomica announces Eric Sigler has been promoted to CEO. Former Illumina exec Johan Denecke joins Atomicaas its new Senior Vice President of Operations.

ITAR Registration: Atomica is Now Defense Compliant

Atomica annouces the completion of its ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) registration with the Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance.

Machines Can See: MEMS and the Dawn of Computer Vision

Read how MEMS and related wafer-level manufacturing capabilities play a central role in advancing vision technologies to the point of widespread adoption.

Atomica Announces 8-inch Wafer Fabrication Capabilities

Atomica is now offering 8-inch (200mm) wafer fabrication capabilities, marshaling in a new era in the company’s ability to serve the growing MEMS industry.

Cerium Tech funds management led buyout of IMT (Atomica)

Atomica (formerly IMT) announced today a majority equity financing led by Cerium Technology, an investment firm focused on innovation in the IoT market.