Unleashing the power of MEMS, photonics, biochips and sensors to help solve the great problems of our time.

Utilizing a uniquely collaborative approach to development and manufacturing, Atomica partners with innovative companies to deliver breakthrough MEMS-based solutions in cloud computing, autonomous vehicles, cell therapy, molecular diagnostics, genomics, 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), and more.

Atomica is the largest MEMS foundry in the USA, serving customers from its 130,000 ft2 manufacturing campus (with a 30,000 ft2 class 100 clean room) in Santa Barbara, California. The company is ISO 9001 certified and ITAR registered. Its extensive experience spans the full spectrum of MEMS, including photonics, sensors, microfluidic biochips, and other micro components.

Our Mission

Atomica unleashes the power of MEMS to improve the world. The chips we make promise to:

  • Detect and treat infections
  • Cure cancer and genetic disease through cell therapies
  • Unlock the secrets of the genome
  • Monitor personal health
  • Enable safe autonomous driving
  • Detect dangerous gases
  • Drive cloud computing and optical communications
  • Create more useful mobile devices

Our Vision

Atomica resolves to help our customers bring their innovations to life using our proven phase-gate process to successfully navigate the challenges of design, development, prototype, scale-up, and high-volume production.


Bringing these innovations to the world requires a culture aligned with that vision. The essence of that culture is embodied in the following 3 values.



We work collaboratively with our customers and teammates to execute complex projects. It is a team sport and not a solo game of heroes.



We take ownership and are accountable in delivering our customer committments on schedule, whatever it takes.



We innovate to overcome the inevitable challenges on the journey of making MEMS innovations reality.

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Why the new brand, Atomica?

We underwent a two-year transformation initiated with new ownership in late 2018, followed by a new executive team and a new 8” wafer line. The addition of over $50 million in cutting-edge semiconductor equipment allows Atomica to deliver on its brand promise to successfully commercialize our customers’ life-changing technologies.

The new name reflects the company’s mission to unleash the power of MEMS to address major problems in the world. Atomica’s material science experts draw from the richness of the periodic table to engineer and manufacture innovative solutions. These MEMS components are typically a fundamental part or “atomic unit” of the groundbreaking technologies of Atomica’s customers.


Atomica Rebrand

May, 2021

Atomica brand launched

IMT is rebranded as Atomica. New name commemorates two-year transformation of Innovative Micro Technology, initiated with a change of ownership in late 2018, followed by a new executive team, improved systems and an 8” wafer line.

Major Tool Acquisition

December, 2020

200 new semiconductor tools added

Massive capability upgrade advances Atomica to the forefront of the MEMS industry.

8 Inch Line Launched

June, 2019

Fab upgraded to accommodate 8 inch wafers

200mm (8 inch) capabilities added to improve the economics of MEMS production by yielding roughly twice the number of devices per wafer.

New Ownership

November, 2018

Cerium investment

Cerium Technology funds management led buyout of company.

Series A Funding

February, 2005

Funding secured

IMT secures $17 million in venture back funding to empower future growth.


April, 2000

Innovative Micro Technology launched

Innovative Micro Technology (IMT) is founded through a restructuring of Applied Magnetics Corporation, a global leader in magnetic recording heads for disk drives.

Company Facilities

Atomica is the largest MEMS foundry in the US, providing close collaboration for North American customers and the assurance that intellectual property is protected and respected. The company is privately held and controlled by Cerium Technology.

  • 13-acre, 130,000 ft2 manufacturing facility with the capacity to support high volume production
  • 30,000 ft2 class 100 cleanroom
  • Over 400 tools for both 6” and 8” wafer production
  • ISO 9001 certified (since 2006)
  • ISO 13485: 2018 compliance in progress (Medical Quality System Regulation)
  • IATF 16949: 2016 compliance in progress
  • Mature MES, document control, and phase-gate systems
  • ITAR registered
  • Broad materials flexibility, providing access to an extensive set of processes and materials unavailable in CMOS fabs, including noble metals, polymers, and virtually any substrate (e.g., silicon, SOI, glass, fused silica, quartz, borosilicate, piezos, and III-V).
Atomica MEMS Foundry

Atomica is located in the Santa Barbara area (Goleta, California) next door to the University of California, Santa Barbara, one of the top engineering universities in the world. This talent pool combines with Atomica’s multi-disciplinary team of scientists and manufacturing engineers to tackle the hardest process development and integration challenges with an eye toward manufacturability (DFM).

Atomica MEMS Foundry in Santa Barbara
Atomica MEMS Foundry near the campus of UCSB