ATM 6120 (Signal Relay)

Atomica’s first standard MEMS switch is a 4xSPST signal relay that can be reconfigured for a variety of applications.

The ATM 6120 integrates four low-loss, fully symmetric high-voltage SPST switches with a flexible SPI or GPIO control interface. These switches offer industry-leading capability combining wide bandwidth with DC offset voltage support, small area, low height, and zero leakage current, making them ideal for muxing source and measurement units as well as routing high-speed digital signals.

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4xSPST DC 6 GHz Switch Array features:

  • True DC operation with Low 3 Ω Ron
  • DC current capability 600mA per SPST (tested up to 1A)
  • Pulse current 2A @125 µs pulse width per SPST
  • High stand-off voltage of 200 V
  • Zero leakage current
  • Fast switching time of 10 µs
  • Small 1 x 1 mm footprint for 10 x higher
    density than competing solutions


  • AC/DC Switching for smart switches
  • Test & Measurement
  • Matrix switching
  • TRX filter tuning
  • Impedance tuning
  • High power RF switching
  • MRI / Ultrasound signal switching

Atomica’s switch platform

Atomica MEMS ohmic contact relay platform is highly configurable for DC and RF applications (up to 40A and above). Our hermetic unit cell/WLCSP can be put in series to allow for higher off-voltage capabilities (stand-off voltage) or in parallel for higher current capabilities. The WLCSP’s pin-out allows for faster custom packaging throughput, enabling us to offer switching solutions to every industry.

Let us know what your specific application requires.